Okay, but first…

Is Anyone Really Listening? was a question that began this brand and this platform. It’s become a deeper question. I strive to create authentic content on my own terms in hopes that someone listens and is able to connect with it. Authenticity is the backbone of this brand. I speak the truth, I speak openly, and I unapologetically speak to those who are listening.

Something so simple as listening is often overlooked. I am guilty of it myself. As I find myself in places where I ask myself that same question, I come to the understanding that everyone wants to be seen, heard, and understood on various levels. What that looks like varies between people but at the end of the day what you say and how you feel matters to someone. If there is no one that you think is listening, I am. I am writing to that person and with my content, I hope to challenge others to realize the multi-facted person they are.

My name is Tarlon Khoubyari. Most people call me TK but I prefer my name or T.

I am a girl boss, data analyst, plant mom, and am learning how to love myself and those around me. I promise that you will find something on here that you connect with and everything you read on here is well-thought out and intentional.

If you’re listening even for one post, thank you.

So let’s get to the content…