What I’ve learned about: Transitions

Transitions, to me, are some of the most eye opening times a person can have. I am currently in a place where I am transitioning. It’s painful but it’s very needed. Now they look differently for everyone but generally this is a time where we recently got out of a place and are entering a new one. During this time we do some hard core self reflecting which is scary. Being honest with yourself is a scary process. Transitions may happen between relationships, jobs, etc. We have all been there. Part of transitioning is thinking about what you want and what you don’t want to have presence in your life.

What better time to transition than during a school break? This time is a bit unique for me. It’s uncomfortable but I am forcing myself through it. My path is a bit unconventional. I get bored very quickly but I am confident in what I like and so far I love the lessons that I have been learning. Throughout this experience I’ve become a lot more confident in what I like and make sure to be open minded to new things as well.

Transitions are a perspective shift. It can be the smallest change in thought but recently I have gotten tired of being bored and now more than ever I want to be proactive.

So here is what I did. If you like to stay organized or enjoy making lists like me this could help. I gave myself 3 minutes to write down all the things I love to do or things that I like. I wanted to see how creative I could get or if anything new happened to spark my interest recently.

  • cooking
  • working out
  • making lists (yes that’s one)
  • eating
  • drinking coffee
  • crystals
  • makeup/skin care
  • data
  • social media
  • linkedIn
  • figuring out the “why”
  • content creation
  • journaling
  • food science
  • poetry
  • home good stores
  • the beach

Now this isn’t a very extensive list but for 3 minutes I think it’s pretty solid. If you know me this is TOTALLY reflective on who I am. This process became a catalyst for me to do the things I have been putting off and become more selective on where my energy is being allocated towards. It became more about asking myself what brought me joy and satisfaction versus what I could do to please others and making others more successful.

I am still going through this transitional period of time. It’s a process, I know. But I thought I’d share some insights on my thoughts about it.

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