Ipsy vs Birchbox

Disclaimer: This is not an ad. I am not being paid in anyway or am not partnered with either brand. This is not intended to throw shade or be negative towards any brand, product, or affiliates of these brands. If you like it, GREAT it works for you but some things just don’t work for others 🙂

In 2017 I was looking to improve my makeup/beauty regime and I wanted to try different products. I saw that there were tons of beauty subscription services out there and I wanted one that was cheap, no commitment (meaning I can cancel at anytime), and offered me the best array of products. I stumbled upon BirchBox in an ad on Instagram and decided to give it a try.

Both BirchBox and Ipsy are $10 a month + you can cancel at anytime which is great in case you are over it or don’t like the service.

I tried Birchbox for about 6 months I believe and found that despite me changing my preferences I wasn’t getting products I could use. I was getting a lot of unfamiliar brands which is fine with me because I love trying products from less popular brands but most of what I was getting wasn’t useful for me. Now there were some holy grail products that I LOVE but it was few and far between. The packaging of Birchbox was so cute but also kind of a waste because I had no use for the physical box it came in. I decided to break up with Birchbox and try another subscription box.

I know that Sephora has their Play! Box which is the same thing but I haven’t tried it yet. I’m sure it’s amazing because its Sephora but I’m the kind of gal that if I like something I stick to it. I have product/brand loyalty…sorry.

ANYWAYS, so I decide to go with Ipsy over the summer and I am so happy I did. I love the products that come in every month so much. I get brushes, makeup, face masks, eye products, cleansers, etc. Just an array of amazing products of familiar and unfamiliar brands. They included OUAI, Tarte, Mac, etc and they come in these cute pouches that you can travel with. I even used one of them has a little wallet. I travel and use these pouches ALL. THE. TIME. I have a stash under my sink of unopened samplers for products that I travel with because they are so tiny and are the perfect amount. Also I get to try something new which is great!

I’ve never bought products off of Ipsy itself but I may start doing that. I will continue to stick with Ipsy until I get bored or want to try another subscription box but I do love love love it. I recommend it to everyone I know because the products really do suit you and I love getting new brushes to try because I never want to commit to buying a brush because its popular and end up not liking it.

Let me know what your favorite beauty subscription box is!
Do you think you will try it?

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