Quick and Easy Breakfast

Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat. No one has a bunch of time during their week to make a complicated breakfast or meal. These recipes are quick, easy, and TASTY. I think that simple, healthy breakfasts doesn’t need to be complicated. 

Since I tend to eat healthier nowadays my breakfast is SUPER important to me. These range from 5 recipes so you can make this on a weekday or the night before.

  1. Egg in a hole (5 minutes). 
    Take a slice a bread, get a cup and flip it over so that the rim cuts out a “hole” in your toast, warm up butter in a pan and toast the bread on one side. At this point crack and egg SLOWLY into the hole of the toast and let it cook on the bottom. Once you see that all the white is cooked through add more butter and flip. I love a good runny yolk, so I usually cook it on a medium heat for about a minute so that all the white is cooked through but you still have a runny yellow yolk. If you don’t like a runny yolk, cook it longer. I love this recipe because its really easy and you don’t need a lot of tools to make it. Some people say use a biscuit cutter but I don’t have that on hand. Anything that can cut out a nice circle from your toast without breaking the bread (lol). You can even toast up the hole that was out with some butter and use that too. Add bacon, cheese, veggies to it to add a little extra flavor.
  2. Oatmeal (2 minutes)
    I am one of those people that can go 3 weeks having oatmeal everyday for breakfast and then not touching it for 4 months. I go through phases. Right now, I am in a phase where Quaker Oats Apples and Cinnamon Oatmeal is my go to breakfast. Fun fact: the waxing of the packet of oatmeal is intended for you to pour liquid into it to pour it into your meal. I use almond milk because I am semi-dairy free. It keeps me full, gives me the energy I need, and it tastes good. Nothing too fancy but it’s quick. You can add frozen berries, chia seeds, honey, almond butter, chocolate syrup (yum) to it. Make it your own!
  3. Egg White + turkey bacon + kale + mushroom scramble (10 minutes give or take) 
    You can add whatever veggies, extra protein, etc you like. These are my favorites. Cooked down kale takes a lot of the bitterness out of it and I don’t like the consistency of cooked spinach. You can substitute spinach or argula for kale but that’s a personal preference. Usually I make this when I have a little extra time. Cut up your protein in tiny pieces (you can use kitchen scissors to quickly do this instead of a knife, its faster). Get it nice and crispy, add in your veggies. Let that cook down. Then add in your egg whites. Season as you go
  4. A healthier hash: Sweet Potato + bell peppers + egg + red onion (20 minutes)
    This is a recipe when you have a lot of time. Give yourself 20-30 minutes because sweet potatoes take a little extra time. Start by cutting your potatoes into small cubes (you can peel or cut off the skin or scrub it so that all the dirt is off), heat a cast iron skillet with olive oil, once the oil is hot enough stir in the potatoes. Be patient with your sweet potatoes. Make sure they are browned and soft to know they are cooked through. Add in your bell peppers and your onion (optional). Cook that down until it’s all good through. You can scramble and egg into it or prepare your egg however you want it to. Season with paprika, salt, pepper, garlic powder or whatever your favorite seasonings are.
  5. Egg white + turkey bacon (optional) + cheese + mushroom on whole wheat toast
    You can make this a day or two ahead of time and then warm it up the day you want to eat it. Cook your turkey bacon and mushroom first then add in everything else. Season with salt/pepper, red chili flakes, basil, or whatever you have


What is a recipe that you want to try?


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