What is Brandless and why is it on my feed all the time?

I have been seeing Brandless pop up on my Facebook page as an ad FOR SO LONG. I was so curious to see what the hell is around the hype of it. I love the idea of a minimalistic, cheap alternative for my favorite household products, snacks, food, anything. If I can get it cheaper online and sent to my door in 2-4 days, I am so here for it.

By the way, this is not an ad but it would be cool to be sponsored as I do support and genuinely believe in what Brandless is doing!

The idea of Brandless is that you can buy anything off their website for $3. This includes groceries, household items, paper products, beauty, personal care, and more. They have a series of bundles you can buy that combines a few items from their list and offers it as a lower cost. The items on there are limited but there is still a lot of variety. Of course you won’t find as many products as you would at Walmart, Walgreens, or Target but there are still enough where you can buy things from.

To learn more about their mission or if you are curious to shop on their site, visit https://brandless.com/

Their business model is centered around the consumer. What I like is that they don’t want consumers (us) to pay more for organic items because some national brand is popular. They take the brandtax out of the equation so you don’t pay more just because there is some big brand saying that you should. It brings the power back to the consumer at a very low cost which I think people should support.

First things first
Brandless has a user-friendly platform that makes it easy to browse, search, or view their products. There is no extra noise on their site. It stays very true to their overall aesthetic so I appreciated a user friendly and approachable site.

I wanted to see what I could make using ingredients from their site and if it was actually worth it compared to what you find at the store. I ordered 8 items and it totaled out to be $25 ($1 shipping cost) which as a grocery bill isn’t bad at all.  Delivery said to take about 2-4 days.

Using the code “hello” you can get your shipping for $1! (not an ad, I promise)

What I ordered 

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 10.55.25 PM

I ordered some random stuff from their food section. Gluten free brownie mix, pasta + pasta sauce, coffee, popcorn, chips, sour gummy worms, and…..tampons!

I will do a deeper review on my thoughts on the brownie mix and the pasta so stay tuned for that!

Everything I ordered was $3 and in another post I am going to share my recipes that I made and give you the real tea on it.

When I got the box…

The moment I got the box, I was so excited to see what’s inside. It’s like Christmas in February! This may be so millennial of me but I care a lot about packaging. I hate excess, annoying bubble wrap or just extra sh*t I need to recycle so Brandless did a really good job at keeping everything nicely packed. The branding on the box itself was cool too because I knew what I was getting.

When I went to pick it up the lady asked me what it was and I did my best to explain to her what Brandless is. It’s an interesting concept that I think speaks to many people who know that there are additional costs to paying for a larger name brand and if you really care about the product, what it says on the outside doesn’t matter.

Basically, “same sh*t, different bottle”.

Everything you see is clearly spelled out, there is no extra fluff or wording to entice you to the product whatsoever. The packaging is super minimal and there is no difference in the product whatsoever!

Final thoughts.

As I write this, I am snacking on the Sweet BBQ Popped Crisps and they literally taste the same as the bbq PopChips. Walmart  has a pack of 4 5 oz bags for $27.99 which comes down to almost $7 a bag. So for $3, I got the same thing…not bad. ALSO all their products are non GMO, gluten free, no artificial colors or preservatives. For $3, it’s worth it!!

I am a huge fan so far. I do want to test out a side by side comparison of their tomato sauce and pasta as well as their GF Brownies!

So if you are looking for something new to try that is so cheap or an alternative to your favorite household products, beauty, etc I would give this a try. It is only $3 and you can get $1 for shipping. I have not tried their household products yet but does it matter if your hand soap is name branded or not? I don’t know. I personally don’t care but if you do then AWESOME.

Comment below if you are interested or if you would try this brand out!

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