💞Valentine’s Day Girls Night 💞

YASSS QUEEN! Get you and your girls together for the ultimate girls night!

I personally love hosting, entertaining, and brining people together. I’m a cancer so we are known for this sort of thing. Growing up my mom was very hospitable and was always super warm and welcoming. I think I’ve gotten a lot of that genuine love for hospitality from her. She really is just someone I look to when I need help with this sort of thing 💖

Valentine’s Day is a few days away and I am super excited to celebrate it with a special someone BUT if you do not have a Valentine get some of your girls together and celebrate love, empowerment, girl power, all of that amazingggg stuff.

Depending on how your friend group operates and how extra you want to be you can always opt for some really quick, easy, and cheap ways to add some extra love into this girls night. This is for a very relaxed girls night that I am hosting tomorrow night with some of my gal- friends. Since Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of the week on hump day ironically 

unnamed (2).jpgThis is a little DIY Instagram heart I made. Its so cute and so simple. You must have this!

What I did to make this: 

I took some construction paper I had in my desk, some tape, and a cardboard straw (LOL).

Fold the paper in half, draw a half a heart on the fold, then cut and tape!

I happened to have these items in my apartment so I just started making a couple! You can use pink or red or whatever color you want. It shouldn’t be super expensive!! Be creative as much as you want with them though ❤️

This is great for actual straw decorations, name settings, props for instagram pics!! Write your besties names on them and have them as glass charms or something!

Will you be my galentine? The Essentials.

  • keep it simple. It’s a girls night so do whatever you feel your girls will love and appreciate.
  • Cook one or two meals or appetizers then have your friends bring wine or food. A cheese plate, roasted veggies, chips/dip work just fine! I love me a good cheese platter or make it a potluck styled dinner. Have everyone bring a dish or a dessert so you aren’t super pressured to do it all yourself.
  • A good cheese board is an awesome option. The basics 🧀
    • 3-4 cheeses should be FINE for a group of 5-10 people. My go to’s are brie, white sharp cheddar, and smoked gouda. They’re different in taste and go with most wines.
    • Add other textured foods like pickles, grapes, dried fruits, or other fruits to make it pretty.
    • Crackers.. always
  • For alcohol drinks these are some of my festive favorites🍾
    • any clear liquor + pomegranate juice or cranberry juice + sprite + pomegranate seeds to make it cute
    • champagne
    • yay for rose am I lame? yes ok bet

Any excuse to spend the night with my girls, I am so here for! What do and your girl squad do together???





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