Does Brandless have the sauce?

I did a Brandless haul awhile back and decided to try out two of their products for a weeknight recipe. If you don’t know what Brandless is, check out this post What is Brandless and why is it on my feed all the time? to learn more about this alternative way of grocery shopping. My initial thoughts on Brandless are really positive. I loved 8/9 products that I bought. Sorry, cardboard tampons are not my thing but the food really tasty. I do plan on reordering from them again. This is not an ad.


This recipe is nothing fancy. It is intended to review the product so simplicity is genius as they say.

I wanted to see if the items that I got were worth the hype. I bought the Organic Gigili Pasta  and the Organic Roasted Garlic Sauce . I had ground turkey in my freezer so I let that thaw and got to cooking that evening. The gigili pasta is a type of pasta that I haven’t tried before and I figured it was something that could be found at a grocery store but a lot more expensive. I looked for gigli pasta elsewhere and what I saw it was $8 a pound. $8 for a bag of pasta? Swipe left, delete, no. That’s crazy so the $3 price point was very friendly to my college student budget.

I boiled the water and salted the hell out of it. They say to make the water taste like the ocean. That adds a lot of flavor to the pasta and it brings out the starches (food science, woot!). You can use some of the starchy water to loosen your sauce if you cook it too long and add some extra flavor. Follow this rule any time you are cooking with pasta!

While your pasta is cooking, start on your turkey meat or any ground meat. If you don’t wanna add the meat, that’s okay skip this section.

What I did
This is a one pot recipe, so make sure your pan is big enough for the pasta and the sauce. 

  • I started to heat a big pan with some olive oil. Once the oil started to get warm I added my seasonings. The heat and the fat “cook” the seasoning so it can break down.
    • Hack Alert:  never thought about doing it before but it makes the world of difference. I seasoned with salt/pepper, red chili flakes, garlic powder, oregano, thyme, and parsley. I’m really random with the seasonings I put in my food but my go to is always the 4 ones in bold. Ya girl loves garlic so that has to go in all the time.
  • Once you can start smelling your spices, add in the meat and break it up into small pieces. You’re gonna let this cook through on a medium heat.
  • Check on your pasta to see if it’s al dente (which means there is a little bite to it). I like my pasta a little undercooked/ al dente. I noticed right away that the pasta absorbs a lot of water so you get a lot more than you may think. I don’t know if thats true with all pasta and maybe I’m just noticing it.
  • I poured in half of the pasta sauce and let it simmer with the meat for about 5-8 minutes. This incorporates all the flavors together. The sauce was SO GOOD. It tasted like a homemade pasta sauce and is a lot better than any Prego, Ragu, or other grocery store sauce. I will be repurchasing this again.
  • I spooned in the pasta from the water itself so a little water gets in there and mixed everything together.

I topped it off with some mozzarella and then boom, done!

The whole experience with Brandless was great so I wasn’t surprised that this worked so well. For $3 each, it was worth it. I got two uses out of the sauce and each time I was really happy with the product.

So, does Brandless have the sauce? YES! 10/10 would recommend. The flavors were the same if not better than any traditional grocery store pasta + sauce. I felt like there went a lot into making sure there was high quality in the product because the flavors were really great!

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