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Youtube is a really great place for just about anything. There are so many people and so much content out there that it can be pretty overwhelming. Typically, when I find a Youtuber I love I watch their most recent videos, their Q/A’s , and just a bunch of random content I find interesting. Because of the algorithm I do turn on post notifications and try to be active in the comments if I have a question or something positive to say. I love discovering smaller Youtuber’s and people who don’t get as much recognition. If you have a youtube, comment down below so I can check out your stuff. ALSO if you’re obsessed with something I am not, also let me know because I wanna be obsessed with it too.

I have broken down each category of the different things I like to watch to make it easier for you guys because I do watch a lot of makeup tutorials and I know my male audience doesn’t really give a f*ck.

Needless to day, these two people are my go-to’s. I know many of you watch them already or if you haven’t, what are you doing?

Will Smith and Gary Vee. YOU GUYS… I can write a post on how much I love them but honestly, if you aren’t.. what are you doing? These two really put things into perspective without sounding too preachy. Watch for yourself because they’re amazing, offer amazing content, and give free insight/advice. Will Smith is also really relatable and you wouldn’t think because he is Will Smith.

My girl Kenya Smith also has a Youtube channel now too which I am so excited about. Her content is real you guys and who you are watching is the same person, energy, and light you meet in real life. She is SO sweet and I can’t wait to watch her grow. Give her some love!!


I have a few favorites for this one for different reasons. I look for beauty bloggers who give honest reviews, are funny, unique, and consistent. There is some controversy on certain people and I completely understand that. However, everyone has the right to support or not support someone for their own reasons. I watch these people because I enjoy their content, reviews, and honesty. If you don’t like who I like, that’s awesome. Let me know why and I am open to listen to it. What is really interesting too is that a lot of my favorite makeup Youtuber’s are men. I really love men in makeup and who choose to embrace it and own it. If you don’t support it, I hear you but I think makeup is for everyone not just one gender. I do appreciate their bravery, honesty, and transparency with their viewers.

Some of my favorite fellas in the Youtube space are:
Jeffree Star, Bretman Rock, James Charles, Manny MUA, Patrick Starr oh and recently I love Gabriel Zamora. I love his voice and his style. He is an Ipsy Creator and some of the products he gets, I have too and I love to hear his thoughts on it.

These guys slay makeup better than some women out there and they embrace it. They are all different and what I love is seeing content creators making their own brands, projects, collaborations. LIKE YASS…. THRIVEEEE. They are real about their reviews especially Jeffree and James but keep it informative. What I will say, I wish they could come out with more content but I know that it can be a lot and hard to do. Getting out content everyday is not easy and as much as I love them and want more, I am happy to wait.

Now for the ladies

Queen Tati Westbrook.. okay so you know how I said it’s hard to upload every single day? WELL SHE DOES IT. She comes out with consistent content 5 days a week which is unheard of because some people only come out 2-3 times a week or month. She is so honest, she doesn’t collab with too many people and she is real with her advice. Some of the products she swears by I have incorporated into my own life and it’s changed my life. She loves drug store, high end, in the middle. You can find anything you need to learn from. She details the feel of products, amount, price point, wear tests. All of it and she kills it. So Tati, girl…congrats on Halo if you are reading this and I love you. Huge fan.

Other favorites: Jaclyn Hill, Jasmine Brown , Laura Lee , Desi Perkins, MakeupByShayla,, Sazan Hendrix

I love them all differently. I just started watch MakeupShayla recently and I love that we have kind of similar tones. Her, Saz, and Desi seem to have more olive skin tones. Jasmine is super funny and really informative and relatable. It feels like a friend of mine is sitting there talking to me. Sazan is also a really amazing person to follow on instagram. I love mom vloggers and she is fashion + mommy + makeup so you will see more info about her later on.

Again I like the guys more and of course Tati because of the consistent content they produce. Laura Lee gives amazing reviews and I know she can’t help it because it’s her but her voice kind of bothers me. I still love her, this is not hate. I still watch her videos and do love her a lot but its just the voice that gets under my skin a little but again I STILL LOVE HER.


I have two people I love a lot for lifestyle. I am obsessed with them both equally for different reasons. Lauren Elizabeth is lifestyle goals. She talks a lot about gut health and I am obsessed with gut health, products, skincare, beauty. Just everything. Also she is the entertainer/host which I love to do as well. Her content is creative and great and it’s perfect inspo.

Amy Serrano is someone I love to watch too because she makes shopping and fashion super easy. She has videos on how to shop smarter online, denim, closet essentials. I hate shopping for clothes because I never know what to look for, how to style it, or anything and her videos are super relatable. I like how she doesn’t take herself too seriously because it makes her really relatable.

My friend Grace Winthrop has an amazing Youtube channel where she talks about lifestyle, beauty, and she’s overall an amazing person. She is a thrifting guru so if you want to learn anything and everything on how to thrift effectively stay tuned for more content from her. She’s super authentic and real.

Family/Mom Bloggers

You probably heard of them before or have seen them, the ACE Family is also one of my favorites. I’ve watched their videos from when they first started their channel and its so interesting to see how much they have grown, how much they have developed, and all of the different projects they got going on. I am so excited to see Catherine on her baby journey and am SO happy for their success. ELLE IS THE CUTEST LITTLE GIRL. She looks like Boo from Monster’s Inc and she is going to make the best big sister. That child is so lucky to have some amazing parents.

Whitney Port is another one. She has a series “I love my baby but..” and she talks about real life motherhood sh*t. I’m not a mom but I want to be one day and I just love hearing about other people’s experience during motherhood, pregnancy, and all of that. It’s informative for sure and even if you don’t want kids, which is your choice, I think it’s really cool to watch.

I bring her up again because she fits in this category. Sazan! Since she is middle eastern and has a brand, blog, and all of that I connect with her and her personality. She is so fun and not afraid to be herself. She has an adorable daughter named Valentina and her family is just so damn cute. Goals, AF. I will say she does not post consistently but follow her on instagram and her family accounts for more content.

Bri Dietz is another Youtuber I really like. To be honest, her instagram game is FIRE and a lot of her videos go into detail in how to edit photos that look aesthetically pleasing on your feed. She has a different style than me but I still find it super entertaining, informative, and helpful. I really like seeing how other people edit their photos and what their preferences are. She is making me want to update my grid layout and be on point with that but I don’t even know where to start. She’s someone I study on Instagram to see how I can improve in my own way. Not to copy but to improve. She is a smaller mom Youtuber but she has an adorable family in San Diego and she talks about the beach a lot which is my favorite place on earth so yes, I connect. Honestly, she seems like a really cool person to hangout with in general. Like wanna have a wine night at the beach? I’m down. I don’t have kids but I’m fun.. okay I’m done being totally lame but yes, BRI love your content and social media tips.


I know this list was pretty extensive but if you are looking for new people to watch, follow, and learn from here is what I watch. Be sure to follow, tag them, or share this post. Let me know what you like to watch


  1. I like that you promoted both bigger names and those closer to you. I’m not on YouTube much, but I have heard about Will Smith’s nuggets of wisdom. Great post!

    Not sure, if it’s the same on mobile, but the post page seemed a little off. When the window is full, the picture is misplaced, but on a smaller screen, it works just fine.

    I like the new layout!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll look into making it more mobile friendly. On some screens it works fine but on others its a little off.
      Also, yeah Youtube is great I know some people who really excel in it and i think it’s a great resource to learn just about anything and the fact that its being used as entertainment is a plus. Its interesting to see where Youtube is going.


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