How to thrive in the social media arena

Listen guys, I’m not expert but in the short time that I have been active in the social media space I know a few things to be true and I want to share what has worked for me. I don’t even consider myself to be thriving in comparison to others who have done this longer than me.

There is a lot of people on social media who have teams of people behind who they are. Smaller brands, like myself, do it all themselves and it can be pretty overwhelming. What I am sharing with you guys is what I wish I had known before I got started and things that have also helped me along the way.

  1. Be you
    There are a millions of people out there and I promise you if you try to be like someone else you will fail because there is already someone else out there like that. If you try to copy someone else’s style or content people won’t find you as relatable and won’t connect with your story as much. If you have a unique passion, craft, or talent put THAT out there instead of being like anyone else. Have people in your life that check you if you are acting “off brand” in whatever you’re doing. If you post something that doesn’t reflect your values someone in your corner should be empowered enough to say something to you about it and then ask yourself “Why am I putting out this content?” and be honest with yourself. See number 4.
  2. Be consistent
    Consistency is KEY. Find a post-schedule that works for your schedule. If you post more, more people will see your stuff but don’t just do a post-vomit of stuff. Find content that speaks to your message, your brand, and more importantly you. Even if you post a picture of yourself with a motivational caption that’s better than you reposting some one else’s post.
  3. Execute
    You can always go back and edit later but the hardest part is getting your work out there to begin with. When I launched 3 months ago (crazy, right?) I was so scared to do it until it was perfect but it will never be perfect so someone told me to just launch and to grow along the way. I am tired of people telling me “Oh I want to do this” and I ask them “So why aren’t you?” and their response is vague, filled with excuses, and lack of confidence. Trust, I know what that feels like because I experience it too but once you learn enough about yourself and what you want to do and why you want to do it, the execution becomes easier. If you want to learn how to edit your photos better, watch Youtube. If you want more followers, be consistent and offer authentic content. If you want to do anything, just do it. @Nike
  4. Figure out what your intention is
    Sorry to break it to you, but if you want to make money off of social media right off the bat you’ll fail because your intention isn’t set for the right things. If you want to make money, find another way to do it. I am tired of people doing things for the wrong reasons. Your intentions will come out in your work even if you try to disguise it. Don’t play the nice guy if you’re really a snake. Ask yourself what you want to do but MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you gain nothing else from anything I ever have to say, ask yourself WHY you’re doing it. My why is to create content that other people can connect with, relate to, and help others across any and every industry. I want to create a community of people. It’s on my front page and it’s been my intention from the gate. I haven’t made a dime from any of this and honestly, if I don’t I am okay with that because I love to be a creator. Making money is cool, brand deals are awesome but it’s not why I want to do it. It’s NOT for the clout… that word disgusts me
  5. Study other Instagram pages or people you look up to.
    See what they are doing, learn from their actions and mistakes, comment on their pages with questions you have. For example, “How did you create those Instagram Story Highlight cards?”. Interact with their pages and study their behaviors. Don’t copy their content or style but study what they do and if you can, slide in those dm’s. If they don’t respond, okay cool but if they do then that can really change things for you

Another resource I am obsessed with is Crushing it! by Gary Vee. If you follow me on Instagram @tkhoub then you know I love this book. This book is really insightful and touches on a lot of stuff that I mention

Hope you found this useful! Comment below of any tips, tricks, etc you have that works for you.

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