What I’ve Learned From: Developing My Brand

In no means do I have an influence but I have worked hard in developing consistent content for you all and from that, I have gotten really awesome feedback from you guys saying that you connect with my stuff which makes me SO happy because that’s the whole point. So those who are really listening, thank you and if you’re not, like why?

Since you all show me support on Instagram and on my blog, I am able to do some really amazing things like speak at the Women On the Rise Bestie Brunch hosted by Social Besties. While I learned from everyone else there, I’m glad you all learned from me as well. As much as you all have learned from me, I have learned so much from you all individually and from how you interact with my content. I do my best to give you all exactly what you’re looking for while staying true to who I am as a person, content creator, and brand.

This whole experience has been a learning process. I have always been on the author side and now to be the author, founder, creator, creative team, social media team, and everything else is all new to me but it’s exciting to me and I am so thankful for this. I brought this on myself from launching and that experience alone taught me so much. I revisit this post to remind myself why and how I got started. It was one of the first follow-up styled posts that I have written in the past.

Speaking on a panel of women who I have actually connected with through social media and who have been apart of launches that I have started, been apart of, or even contributed to was one of the coolest experiences ever because it brought everything full circle. I admire all of these women so much and to have the chance to be on the same panel as them seems unreal to me. I have never thought of myself as being in this position where I can have a positive impact or influence on someone.

I was super nervous and intimidated at first but I thought of it as a conversation with everyone there. I felt so connected to speaking to you all about the things that I am passionate about and having this platform is the vessel for me to do that. As I continue to grow and get more opportunities I never want to stray away from my mission and intention for all of this.

I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur but here I am, paving my own path, in my own way, at my own time and it feels powerful. I feel like we all have these ideas and the things that we want to do but never do them but one day I decided to actually do the thing that scared me (putting out my own work for the world to criticize).

When I started, I wanted to make sure everything was done perfectly but what I realized is that you can’t keep waiting for things to be perfect. Perfection is unattainable and honestly, things will never be perfect because you will always find something to improve on. For me, I go back to edit my content consistently or am trying to find ways to make sure everything looks good visually. You need to be like Nike and just fucking do it.

A great idea is cool but the people that actually learn and make change actually DO the things they had their mind set on. There are so many chances for me to fail, one mistake and everything is over but regardless I am still going to story tell, I will always love technology, I will keep doing the things I love to share with you guys even if the platform went away. I never went into this thinking I would grow fast or I would even have this opportunity. I just wrote, posted it on social media, learned from it all and devoted my life to making amazing, relatable content for you all. This doesn’t make me special and in no means am I expecting applause but I will say that I can easily spot someone who is going to fail at what they are doing and I can point out who is going to succeed based on why and how they do what they do. That goes for anything, not just content related.

If you want to start a Youtube channel, study something, or pursue a career in an area that you know makes a lot of money but you don’t care about the impact or reasoning behind why you are doing it. YOU WILL FAIL. Sorry sweetheart, someone had to tell you. The intention is the leading driver in all of this and next is passion. Intention guides us while passion fuels us. On my laptop, I have a series of words on a sticky note to remind me in everything I do to be: intentional, considerate, deliberate, methodical, aware, accountable, and to focus on execution because like I said I have a lot of good ideas but what makes them great and real is the fact that I act on them in the best way I know how to and with the resources I am equipped with.

I don’t know everything I need to know, I don’t know a lot, and I am aware of that. I am not writing this to condemn anyone or make it seem like I know everything when I know that I don’t but what I do know is that by asking questions and staying curious in my craft I have opened a lot of doors for myself and my brand. 

It’s important to me that people understand that developing a brand, product, whatever it requires more than just the idea. You need to have passion and the right intentions to do whatever it is you want to do otherwise you won’t be successful. If you try to prove me wrong have fun but you won’t.

If you take nothing else from this post take this: Be aware in what you’re doing and why you are doing it. Be deliberate with how you invest your energy and how you choose to execute. Go at your own pace because everyone is so different and has their own path. Take accountability for the things you are doing in your life and check your friends from time to time to make sure they are who they are becoming to be in their own time. Be sure to be considerate in what you are doing in relation to how it could change, affect, or influence your current situation and your future situation. I promise you that good people with positive intentions make the world move and that is exactly what I am trying to do and if I ever stray away from that please TELL ME. 




  1. I really got a lot from this post. I actually had someone very important to me remind me that when it comes down to it, nothing trumps execution. The richest place in the world is the graveyard because there lies the many ideas that people never took took the time to act on for whatever reason. It’s inspiring to hear someone speak on the importance of execution despite their level of expertise. Its refreshing to read a blog where someone is transparent enough to admit that they don’t have all the answers, but they are striving to acquire them.

    Really great stuff.

    One question that I did have, however, was who is your content for? You mentioned you all, but I challenge you to identify just who you’re trying to reach. Maybe I didn’t catch it in this post, but I’d genuinely like to know.

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    1. My content is for the people like me who feel like they are running around trying to say, do, and accomplish things but it feels like no one is listening to them. As people it’s important for us that people hear what we are saying, see what we are doing, and care enough to take in everything they are trying to do. I fed off of my own values and wanted to create that place for the person who is interested in a lot of topics, ideas, but also loves to learn more insights of things they may not give much thought to.


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