NVision Special: Is Anyone Really Listening?

The final project is here and I am so happy to have been apart of such an amazing discussion that brought together open-minded individuals who are passionate, diverse, and identify with various walks of life.

Thank you to everyone who was there and a huge thank you to the NVision Team. It was amazing working with you guys and I am so happy we were able to do this. I left this conversation feeling unified with my peers that I knew little to nothing about. This conversation was filmed on April 4 which was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s Assassination. In the video, Gene mentions a quote that aligns with our theme and our objective of this roundtable conversation.

Also, shoutout to Kevin Wilson https://www.normdiffproductions.com for filming and editing this for us. We are so thankful for your talent and friendship.

Below is the link to where you can watch the whole video.


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