3 Years of Boss Business Market

It’s been one hell of a ride to say the least. When Naomi came to me a few years ago and said “hey I am starting this company and I really want you to be a part of it. Do you want to help?” I immediately said yes. It was the quickest ‘yes’ I think I ever made. And from that ‘yes’, spurred three of the most pivotal years.

Before I get into our incredible team, the work we’ve done, and what BBM means to me I have to give kudos to our founder and CEO.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Naomi for almost 7 years. It is beyond me how quickly time has gone by. That infamous quote that goes “time goes by when you’re having fun” couldn’t be more true. One thing about Naomi is that she has vision. She’s an executor and that’s what you want from a leader. Someone who will see above the fog and say boom…that’s it, that’s the target. Naomi, thank you for having vision when things got unclear and for having the belief in me to help grow Boss Business Market together. It’s been hell of a ride and I couldn’t even imagine a better business partner to do this with.

Many great companies fail because they don’t have a solid executive team. What keeps Naomi and I aligned is our commitment to serve more than just ourselves. As women of faith navigating the turbulent world of entrepreneurship we knew that God had something bigger for us. By no means do I want glamorize the grind – it wasn’t easy. It was a lot of late nights, times of uncertainty, seasons of feast or famine, and several city moves in between but it’s always been worth it.

Boss Business Market started because two aspiring professionals saw the opportunity to help brands tell their stories online. We saw the impact of social media on our personal brands so we wanted to help others do the same. Our objective is to have our work live beyond us and we are proud to see it live it’s purpose.

Where BBm is to date:
  • We’ve grown our team of 2 to over 30+ global contractors
  • Have increased our revenue by 800%
  • Have grossed over $200k in revenue just this past year.

Our Clients

Whether it’s media outlets during one of the toughest presidential campaigns in 2020 or multi-million dollar technology companies on the cusp of innovative design we’ve seen a whole array of companies come through our inboxes. BBM doesn’t have a niche, it changes and evolves based on which projects inspire us the most. We are lucky in having the freedom to decide which projects we want to take on. If it doesn’t touch our ethos, we want no part in it.

Naomi and I firmly believe in doing work that excites not just us, but the people who work for us. I cannot thank the clients that have believed in us even when we were a small agency of two. You have enabled Naomi and I to bring this vision to life and fulfill our purpose.

“Why BBM?”

When things got challenging, I often asked myself that, “why? why do this? You can easily finish school, graduate, get a full time-job and not do this”. My stubborn self fought against the path that was already designed for me. I chose this path for a reason. The work we do, the people we serve, the teams we build, and the mission is far more important to me than the success from it. Some call it naive but to me it’s the byproduct of believing in something so much that you have to see it come to fruition. Failure isn’t an option.

There were dark seasons throughout this process, I never want it to make it sound easy but the silver lining is that you learn from every season and it only gives you the endurance to keep going. I am so proud of what we’ve built. I sometimes can’t believe it. To think that this is one of two ventures I get to work on with Naomi is a blessing.

Our team

We went from 2 to 30+. When Naomi and I first started we always referred to “our team” when in reality it was her and I working tirelessly on content, ideation, and strategy. We generally outsourced design but for the first year or so it was myself, Naomi, and a part-time designer who happens to be one of our good friends. Scrappy by nature, is what we liked to say.

Now we’ve onboarded over 30 contractors (primarily all women) across the world. It’s even more special that we get to work with some of our closest friends and have them experience our agency and be a part of shaping it’s culture, history, and influence. Sharing that wealth and providing opportunities to the people around me is what I live for.

To our team(s), thank you for your loyalty, creative minds, and patience as we have overcome challenges bringing the vision to life. Your support does not go unnoticed and I sincerely hope that you feel like you are a part of something special. We’ve created some of the most exciting campaigns, ideas, and brands! It would not be possible without you all helping us along the way.

Happy Birthday, Boss Business Market!

Cheers to 3 years.

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