I’m a college graduate.

I did it…I graduated undergrad.

I’ve heard countless people advise me to:

“Just focus on school and graduate. The rest will come”

“Don’t tell people you’re still in school, they won’t take you seriously” 

Or, my favorite “Just finish. The other things you’re doing are extra circulars”. 

At 24, most of my peers are a couple years into their careers. While I was figuring out how to build two startups while balancing my academic pursuits.

I felt like an outlier but ever since I was little traditional education systems weren’t for me. Which is a huge reason why I am working to redefine the models that don’t foster unconventional journeys.

I do better in action, learning deep in the weeds which is exactly what I did.

I feel really lucky to have had a community of people who rallied around me each semester and the support I felt from other entrepreneurs, students, and professionals who identified with not fitting into traditional learning ecosystems.

I’ve moved to multiple cities, supported two startups, and learned so much more beyond my degree. I realized that our system is not fit for everyone. It doesn’t always encourage unconventional journeys which is why I had to forge my own. 

I’m glad I finished because I realized how much school taught me. It wasn’t the lectures or the professors. It was the discipline, the act of seeing something through.

I’m writing this to show a little vulnerability to the person who is going down an unconventional path. Don’t be ashamed like I was. Don’t live in the dark. Now being on the other side I realize how much has happened and what I needed to learn was exactly meant for me. 

I encourage you all to choose the unconventional. Build something that fits your style of working and learning. It doesn’t always have to be one way.

My journey is a huge reason why I am so passionate about building the future of STEM education because I know there are students like me.

As I continue to flex my entrepreneurial muscles in Boss Business Market and Beyond, I am also on the job market. There is a new, highly creative, passionate college graduate who is ready to flex her muscles in more corporate settings. So, if you know of anyone hiring, my DM’s are open.

I’m ready to embark on new challenges and a new chapter in 2022.

I did it, I’m a college graduate. 

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