A Broke Girl’s Guide To Makeup

I'm a college student. So, for me, I try to finesse on a budget. Frankly, I like expensive things so I splurge more on beauty, makeup, and skincare more than anything else. It's an investment in myself so like I always say: TREAT YO SELF...but on a budget. Makeup can get pretty expensive. I calculated … Continue reading A Broke Girl’s Guide To Makeup

Products that got me like 😍

I haven't bought anything super new, fancy, or expensive but since I've added or learned about these products I'm really surprised I've lived without them. These products range from hair care to beauty to skin care. If you are looking to try these out then keep on reading. Okay so I don't know how to … Continue reading Products that got me like 😍

Unboxing March’s Ipsy Bag

It's that time of the month... no not my period. My Ipsy package has FINALLY come in. I subscribed to Ipsy over the summer and I am so thankful. I had Birchbox before but honestly I prefer Ipsy more. I go into detail as to why in this Ipsy vs Birchbox post so if you are curious … Continue reading Unboxing March’s Ipsy Bag

Monday Skin Revival

Monday's aren't always the easiest especially if you had a long weekend of eating, drinking, and other shenanigans. After a weekend of going out, my skin hates me. It is STRUGGLING. All of that makeup and lack of sleep leaves my skin needing some TLC but I always don't have the time. I was inspired … Continue reading Monday Skin Revival