NVision Special: Is Anyone Really Listening?

The final project is here and I am so happy to have been apart of such an amazing discussion that brought together open-minded individuals who are passionate, diverse, and identify with various walks of life.

Thank you to everyone who was there and a huge thank you to the NVision Team. It was amazing working with you guys and I am so happy we were able to do this. I left this conversation feeling unified with my peers that I knew little to nothing about. This conversation was filmed on April 4 which was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s Assassination. In the video, Gene mentions a quote that aligns with our theme and our objective of this roundtable conversation.

Also, shoutout to Kevin Wilson https://www.normdiffproductions.com for filming and editing this for us. We are so thankful for your talent and friendship.

Below is the link to where you can watch the whole video.


Social Media: The New Marketplace

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Let’s face it, online shopping is the way most people shop. Most people also love to use social media as a way to learn more about smaller brands that aren’t as popular. We like to follow brands on social media that we shop from, connect with, or even newer ones that we may be interested in. As a smaller business, don’t let this scare you. This is your chance to shine!

If you already use social media to market your company, you can do the same by treating social media as another marketplace. A picture is worth a thousand words and your customers shop with their eyes. You can display pictures of your latest products and services to attract new customers to your site. Have fun and be creative! People are looking to see your unique products.

Keep in mind that your customers will typically shop similar to their friends or followers. By promoting your products on social media you are able to tap into the people behind the followers as well. By treating your social media platform as an online store, your customers have faster access to you and your merchandise. Not to mention, your customers can access you faster! You can speak directly towards customers who have service complaints, need updates on their orders, or are curious about your array of products.

Most social media platforms have tools you can use to promote your company within their platform. You can use paid advertising to get to reach a broader customer base too. If your product stands out it could go viral which means big returns on that investment. Try commenting back on your pictures or commenting on other brands that are related to yours.

Breaking Down the Basics of Blockchain

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The blockchain is a fancy new buzzword that is disrupting the way we think about the Internet. But no one really knows what it is and how it can change the way we share, view, and interact with information. When it comes to any information on any device, it’s crucial that the data is accessible and protected. With blockchain, we might be one link closer to universal accessibility of information, across any industry. This innovation can revolutionize the development of future technologies by introducing automated updates.

As blockchain development continues, the internet we know today would look completely different. For now, blockchain is prevalent in the financial services in forms of buying and exchanging digital currency.The idea was originated by the infamously known creator: Satoshi Nakamoto. If you know anything about digital currency you know that Satoshi Nakamoto is actually a pseudonym but this name created: Bitcoin.

The blockchain is supposed to become an innovative infrastructure for a potentially new internet and could extend beyond just trading digital gold.

So, how does it work?

Information on a blockchain has no source and can’t be corrupted. There is no host, master, or server that parents it. Each device that the information is stored on has the most recent updates already in place. Anyone with access to it can change the file and in order to get total control over it, you will need to destroy a series of networks and devices. That task alone isn’t easy which makes blockchain databases extremely secure. Financial companies already use blockchains because it updates transactions and statements instantly, securely, and very quickly.

The best way to think about blockchain is Google Docs. With Google Docs, I and several other people can update, revise, or share the same document with all of its revisions to many other people. In a blockchain, any changes that happen within the Google Docs is updated to anyone who has access to it. We all have access to the information at the same time and can be on it at the same time. It also enables the ability for information to be transparent to anyone who has the access. That way instead of sending the same document back and forth, everything can be done in one place and you can see who/what revisions were made and when.

This erases the notion that information must be centralized and that data is all kept in one place. A network of computers and devices share the rights to all the information that’s being transacted within the network. It’s all monitored by a peer to peer basis instead of having a host. Anything that happens within that network affects the whole network. Larger companies and industries can widely benefit from this but small businesses also need to strategize ways to incorporate this innovative technology.

Essentially, your devices communicate on the same network all at the same time. This also means that artificial intelligence tools like bots and data automation become assets to your technology strategy. Centralized data opens a lot of threats to hackers to take data from one source but with blockchain, since all of it is distributed equally, the risk is reduced substantially. Traditional methods of securing networks use the typical “username and complicated password” while blockchain’s information is fully encrypted, making it more secure. The range of possible technologies developing because of blockchain is so extensive. It is going to change the way we visualize data, access it, and present it.


12.28.2017 Collab with Biz Tech News

December 28th was the official launch of my good friend Naomi Thomas’s Blog called Biz Tech News. Naomi brought together 6 amazing women striving in tech + me (lol) to share what they think their TOP 7 Technology Game Changing Movies in 2017.

I am so humbled and excited to me amongst these amazing women who continue to change the tech. These women are all so badass and brilliant so please give their instagrams, websites, LinkedIn’s some love!

You can check out this collaboration I did with Naomi below!