The Foam Roller For Your Face

I am a big skincare junkie. I follow a lot of beauty influencers who put me on a lot of amazing products. Some of them are super expensive so I try to find dupes that fit within my budget.

My latest skin care purchase is the jade roller. If you don’t know what it is here is a picture for reference. IMG_7835.jpg

The one I have is this one from Amazon. It’s about $14 bucks which is cheap considering that this one is $63. There are other cheaper ones but this is available on Prime, so I got it.

Jade rollers are popping up on a lot of different beauty bloggers pages because of its superpowers. I’ve bought mine two weeks ago and I use it multiple times a day to depuff my face or help serum to penetrate in my skin. I’ve noticed a huge difference. Next to my microneedling pen, this is my favorite.

What it does:

  • Depuffs areas on your face: eyes, cheeks, etc. Depuffing can happen if you have too much sodium the night before or have any sort of congestion.
  • Massages your lymphatic system and improves circulation in your face

Your lymphatic system is your bodies internal sewage system. It helps your organs and skin get rid of any extra sh*t you put into your body. When you use the jade roller on your face it massages any congestion and helps everything get to the proper channel. The massaging sensation helps get rid of any build up of toxins in your face that may cause it to feel puffy or congested.

How I like to use it:

I use mine every morning, during the day, and before I go to sleep. I sometimes put it in my fridge because when it’s cold, it awakens my face and feels so good. Also, the cold helps depuff my under eyes. I use the larger end and go over my cheekbones. Whether you’d contour your cheekbones, use it there. It’ll help carve them out. You can use it going up and down (cheekbone to chin) or side to side (cheekbone to ear). I go away from my face (so moving it into my hairline) and down my neck to help the drainage.

I use the smaller end under my eyes (most noticeable results) and between my eyebrows. Again, all the movements going towards my hairline. I use a medium pressure, sometimes if I feel super puffy I go a little HAM. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you may experience some redness. If so, it’ll go away in a few seconds. You’ll be fine, I promise.

At the end of the night, after I have all my serums and sprays on my face I like to go over my cheekbones, between my eyebrows, and under my eyes. It helps your serum get into your pores. Also I go over my eyebrows too which may sound weird. It helps with getting the blood distributed and can help nutrients to feed your brows. My mom told me about this hack. So thanks mommy.

I highly recommend this product. I’ve seen amazing results. Before an important meeting or night out you can use this to depuff. I hate feeling super puffy in the mornings. This helps it. I am jade rolling right now LOL. I swear I love this thing so so much.

Products that got me like 😍

I haven’t bought anything super new, fancy, or expensive but since I’ve added or learned about these products I’m really surprised I’ve lived without them. These products range from hair care to beauty to skin care. If you are looking to try these out then keep on reading.

Okay so I don’t know how to style my hair. I have thick, dark, color treated, curly hair and I have no idea how to keep it healthy and smooth. I used to wash my hair every single day but I don’t anymore. Honestly, I wash my body everyday but I wash my hair every week or every 5 days. It takes about 3 weeks for your hair to get used to it but since I started doing that my hair is super soft, strong, and not as dry. It’s still dry but that’s because I am not getting enough nutrients, see this post What I’ve Learned From: March for a little more context.

I asked my fellow persian friend Parisa (HEY QIRLLL) what she does because her hair IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND LONG AND HEALTHY. I was like what is your secret. Tell me what you’re drinking, whatever you are using I need 100 of and she goes “literally, head and shoulders shampoo”. and I WAS SHOOKETH but honestly, it’s changed my life. Your hair grows from your roots so if your roots aren’t moisturized then your hair won’t be. It makes sense.

Also, maybe I am late to this but a wide toothed comb is magical. They’re $2 from Target and when you want to work product or conditioner into wet hair it is so gentle. I use this all the time especially when I use the Shea Moisture Hold & Shine Moisture Mist. I bought it two weeks ago and I am half way done with this. I’ve had a bunch of my friends use this as well and it’s changed their lives too. It offers a good amount of moisture into your hair after you shower without weighing your hair down and making it super greasy. I DOWSE my hair in it and very gently brush my curls out and I am good all day. I haven’t been using heat with it but I am sure you can use it as a heat protector. Also, when I need extra moisture in my dry hair too I spray and brush. It’s not a spray like a hairspray it’s, as advertised, a gentle mist so you can go HAM with it if you have thicker hair. Thin hair ladies, use less it still does wonders. The only thing I wish it had was a continuous spray but that is just my personal preference. 

We got a BOMB ASS drugstore shampoo + $2 hair brush + shea moisture. Do we need anything else? Nope. Moving on..

Another drug store find.. mascara! The Lash Sensation Curvitude . The wand is winged out so for my almond eyed girls like myself this is perfect. I grips every lash and curls them UP! I think this may be..lline (i hate myself, maybelline joke) my favorite drug store mascara. It doesn’t clump, it grips every single lash and offers more curl than length. For length I go in with my OG roller lash from benefit that everyone and their 3rd cousin uses.

Let’s talk about some glow..

So I bought two new highlights. One drug store, one high end and tbh they are GLO[W]RIOUS. First off, Amrezy…BITCHHHH you did this. If you don’t know Amrezy is the Glow Queen on Instagram. She posts amazing makeup looks and has a really good relationship with ABH and Norvina so this collab was obviously meant to happen. The Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Amrezy collab is so beautiful. The highlighter is gold but not too gold/yellow. There is no fallout and it looks wet. If you like a wet highlight this is perfect. It goes well with different skin tones as well. I used a brush to apply it and didn’t like it but with my fingers or maybe a damp brush it’s stunning. Blind baby girl… BLIND. Every time I wear this I get compliments.

Now for a highlight a quarter of the price, the wet n wild mega glow highlighter in precious petals  is one of my favorite rose gold highlighters. I wear rose gold highlighters everyday, it’s my signature look. I love to look like I just went on a vacation and a cute pink/blush undertone goes well with my skin so when I found this I was like WOW this is beautiful. You can build up the blindness but honestly its $5 just go buy it. Try other shades and let me know. The product is pretty blinding out of 10 and 10 being the sun it’s like a 6 or 7. Amrezy is like 9.8 because once light catches that’re gone.

If you know me this isn’t new for me but I thought I’d add this in is from my Ipsy Glam Bag awhile ago I use is the Calypso Highlighter in the shade Luna. This product is apart of my makeup routine. I think I got a full size in my Ipsy bag which is so nice. I am going to repurchase this. Like I said, I love me some rose gold glow. I use this as eyeshadow, blush, highlight everything. With a light bronze and a bright under eye this is STUNNING. Also it makes a really pretty eyeshadow shade that isn’t too in your face.

To take all of this off, I have been LOVING the new Olay Facial Wipes. I saw these everywhere on Youtube and social media and wanted to try them out. They are awesome for traveling because you don’t need to worry about it spilling or causing a mess. It doesn’t leave my skin super dry but it’s not as hydrating as my eucerin one. Also since it is a wipe it makes for a really good makeup remover but not a good face wash. I would still go in and wash your face gently with a face cleanser but it takes off makeup off really well. They are water activated so when you run the wipe under water it starts to lather really nicely. I use this over my neturogena wipes. I’ve tried this out for a few weeks now. I am not obsessed with it because its a face wash but I do love the concept of a water activated wipe. I hope other brands come out with products like this. It seems more sanitary to me (maybe I am wrong with that). Like I said, it is perfect for travel. Put a few of those in a zip lock and it doesn’t take up a lot of space like other packaging does.

This is what I am loving so far. No new skin care stuff but if you have any recommendations please let me know I would love to know what you guys are using. If you haven’t already be sure to check out the other posts on here

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Please let me know what you want me to try, any feedback you guys have, and let me know if anyone is really listening???