What I’ve Learned From: 2018

Well...here we are. A series that I started on my blog is finally met it's match. This is a tough one for me to articulate because 2018 felt like I was hit by a bus every single month but it had a lot of amazing moments. It has pushed me. It has challenged me. It's … Continue reading What I’ve Learned From: 2018

Intern Help Guide Week 7: Interning FAQs ❓

A couple of weeks ago, I asked on my social media (@tkhoub + @isanyonereallylistening) what burning questions people had about internships. I wanted to take the time to answer them in this intern help guide week 7 that I think would benefit you guys through into your internship. I am a few weeks off on … Continue reading Intern Help Guide Week 7: Interning FAQs ❓

Self-Care Sunday: Anthony Bourdain

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide, depression, mental health. If you are triggered or might be triggered by any of these topics do not feel obligated to read this post, I understand. There are plenty of other posts that I am confident you can connect with. If you need someone to talk to, my email or dms are … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday: Anthony Bourdain