5 Ways To Spend Time with Yourself

Being alone can be scary for some people but it's necessary to recharge your brain, body, and spirit. Alone time means different things for different people but I wanted to share with you guys 5 different ways you can spend time getting to know yourself. Often we get lost in work, people, and in the … Continue reading 5 Ways To Spend Time with Yourself

Cracking the Code on Instagram’s Algorithm

Remember the days where your Instagram feed was chronological and you didn't see random ads pop up? Me too. Instagram’s algorithm is constantly changing but before we dive into how it's structured it’s important to understand why these changes are made. In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. It doesn’t seem like that long … Continue reading Cracking the Code on Instagram’s Algorithm

Social Media: The New Marketplace

Check me out on Charlotte Consulting Group where I am a data analyst, content creator, and technology consultant. Stay on top of the LATEST tech news at charlotteconsultinggroup.com Let’s face it, online shopping is the way most people shop. Most people also love to use social media as a way to learn more about smaller … Continue reading Social Media: The New Marketplace