Self-Care Sunday: Anthony Bourdain

TRIGGER WARNING: Suicide, depression, mental health. If you are triggered or might be triggered by any of these topics do not feel obligated to read this post, I understand. There are plenty of other posts that I am confident you can connect with. If you need someone to talk to, my email or dms are … Continue reading Self-Care Sunday: Anthony Bourdain

Does Brandless have the sauce?

I did a Brandless haul awhile back and decided to try out two of their products for a weeknight recipe. If you don't know what Brandless is, check out this post What is Brandless and why is it on my feed all the time? to learn more about this alternative way of grocery shopping. My initial thoughts … Continue reading Does Brandless have the sauce?

Healthy Turkey Meatball Recipe

I don't like recipes with a lot of extra context behind it so I will keep this into pretty short. This is my recipe for healthy turkey meatballs. I use this with pasta, in a sub, sandwich, you can make smaller ones for a great appetizer. If you have kids or like to get your … Continue reading Healthy Turkey Meatball Recipe

💞Valentine’s Day Girls Night 💞

YASSS QUEEN! Get you and your girls together for the ultimate girls night! I personally love hosting, entertaining, and brining people together. I'm a cancer so we are known for this sort of thing. Growing up my mom was very hospitable and was always super warm and welcoming. I think I've gotten a lot of … Continue reading 💞Valentine’s Day Girls Night 💞

What is Brandless and why is it on my feed all the time?

I have been seeing Brandless pop up on my Facebook page as an ad FOR SO LONG. I was so curious to see what the hell is around the hype of it. I love the idea of a minimalistic, cheap alternative for my favorite household products, snacks, food, anything. If I can get it cheaper … Continue reading What is Brandless and why is it on my feed all the time?