What I’ve Learned From: 2018

Well...here we are. A series that I started on my blog is finally met it's match. This is a tough one for me to articulate because 2018 felt like I was hit by a bus every single month but it had a lot of amazing moments. It has pushed me. It has challenged me. It's … Continue reading What I’ve Learned From: 2018

What I’ve Learned From: Moving

To sit here and pretend like moving doesn't put me in a complete panic would be a total lie. I'm currently sitting in my new Charlotte apartment writing this and frankly, I am freaking out. As happy and excited I am for the future the initial thoughts/moves of moving is scary. I uplifted from a place … Continue reading What I’ve Learned From: Moving

What I’ve Learned From: April

Woah.. that was fast. I feel like there was a time between March and April because the two months couldn't be more different. In March, I was in a completely different headspace. If you don't know what I'm talking about then feel free to catch up What I’ve Learned From: March. My priorities in March differ from … Continue reading What I’ve Learned From: April