The Foam Roller For Your Face

I am a big skincare junkie. I follow a lot of beauty influencers who put me on a lot of amazing products. Some of them are super expensive so I try to find dupes that fit within my budget.

My latest skin care purchase is the jade roller. If you don’t know what it is here is a picture for reference. IMG_7835.jpg

The one I have is this one from Amazon. It’s about $14 bucks which is cheap considering that this one is $63. There are other cheaper ones but this is available on Prime, so I got it.

Jade rollers are popping up on a lot of different beauty bloggers pages because of its superpowers. I’ve bought mine two weeks ago and I use it multiple times a day to depuff my face or help serum to penetrate in my skin. I’ve noticed a huge difference. Next to my microneedling pen, this is my favorite.

What it does:

  • Depuffs areas on your face: eyes, cheeks, etc. Depuffing can happen if you have too much sodium the night before or have any sort of congestion.
  • Massages your lymphatic system and improves circulation in your face

Your lymphatic system is your bodies internal sewage system. It helps your organs and skin get rid of any extra sh*t you put into your body. When you use the jade roller on your face it massages any congestion and helps everything get to the proper channel. The massaging sensation helps get rid of any build up of toxins in your face that may cause it to feel puffy or congested.

How I like to use it:

I use mine every morning, during the day, and before I go to sleep. I sometimes put it in my fridge because when it’s cold, it awakens my face and feels so good. Also, the cold helps depuff my under eyes. I use the larger end and go over my cheekbones. Whether you’d contour your cheekbones, use it there. It’ll help carve them out. You can use it going up and down (cheekbone to chin) or side to side (cheekbone to ear). I go away from my face (so moving it into my hairline) and down my neck to help the drainage.

I use the smaller end under my eyes (most noticeable results) and between my eyebrows. Again, all the movements going towards my hairline. I use a medium pressure, sometimes if I feel super puffy I go a little HAM. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you may experience some redness. If so, it’ll go away in a few seconds. You’ll be fine, I promise.

At the end of the night, after I have all my serums and sprays on my face I like to go over my cheekbones, between my eyebrows, and under my eyes. It helps your serum get into your pores. Also I go over my eyebrows too which may sound weird. It helps with getting the blood distributed and can help nutrients to feed your brows. My mom told me about this hack. So thanks mommy.

I highly recommend this product. I’ve seen amazing results. Before an important meeting or night out you can use this to depuff. I hate feeling super puffy in the mornings. This helps it. I am jade rolling right now LOL. I swear I love this thing so so much.

Monday Skin Revival

Monday’s aren’t always the easiest especially if you had a long weekend of eating, drinking, and other shenanigans. After a weekend of going out, my skin hates me. It is STRUGGLING. All of that makeup and lack of sleep leaves my skin needing some TLC but I always don’t have the time. I was inspired to write this post by @amyserrano. She did a video on this on Youtube and I was like “oh my gosh! MONDAYS SUCK FOR ME TOO!”, so here we are.

To kickstart my Monday and to feel my very best, I try to focus on my skin before I move on to any sort of makeup or anything. When my skin feels good, I feel good. Now no mask or moisturizer is going to bring your skin back to life right away but at least all the attention to it will rebuild that barrier.

Since we are in the winter months, my skin is DRY. I tend to be a combination but lately, I’ve been very dry.  But before any serum or moisturizer sits on my skin, I open my blinds/window, put on some Jorja Smith, and make some coffee.

First, I take of any residual makeup I had with a makeup wipe. I know in my skin care favorites post I used to Micellar Water but I got annoyed of having to buy the cotton rounds and I felt like I had to really scrub at my face. Now I just lean towards the Neutrogena face makeup removing wipes and I like that a lot better because I feel an overall clean.

Next, I wash my face with my Eucerin Face wash and silicone face scrubber (see my skin care routine post for all the links!). Pat my skin dry and I go in with my glow serum.

I’m super extra, you do not need to do this.  so if I have an extra 10-20 minutes I pop on my Tony Moly Face Masks (the lavender hydrating one is my absolute favorite) and dance around my room, I wish I was joking. The face masks really allows for the serums to sit in. While everything absorbs I usually pick out my outfit for the day, which if you know me, is a pair of leggings and a tshirt or a clunky sweater.

Once that’s all done, I pat the residual serum into my skin and let it get tacky. Once my skin has soaked all of that serum in, I go in with a moisturizer. If you have oily prone skin, skip this step or use a water or gel based moisturizer.

As I sip on my coffee and belch out some Jorja, I take a few moments to be thankful for everything and everyone around me. I talk to the man above and just get my mind into a constructive, productive state. Positive self-talk and affirmation works for me so give yourself some love!

Then I go in with my Smashbox primer (love this stuff) and go through my day.

What do you do to bring your skin back to life? Comment below some products I should try.