Tech Talks with TK

Founded in Charlotte, North Carolina — Tech Talks with TK offers influencers and small brand owners with a new approach to their brand’s digital marketing strategy. Consider this a step towards your brand’s glow up!

These services are designed to provide creative entrepreneurs an opportunity to:

Build A Brand Presence – Social media is taking over and your brand needs to be on there. Crafting a social media strategy that gives your brand a spot isn’t easy but I got you covered. Let’s build the brand you’ve been dreaming of.

Craft A Creative Strategy – Believe it or not, there is a lot that goes into an impactful brand presence that builds an authentic community. Whether you have too much content or not enough, I’m here to give your page a face lift.

Reach New Audiences – Social media at it’s core is community building. Consumers are more aware of the fake growth that is sparked overnight. You have the potential to tap into the millions of users waiting for you.

Before we get to work, please schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation to learn more about pricing and the perfect plan for you.

service breakdown

In person or virtual: 30 minute one time fee

Brainstorming includes:

  • A One-time 30 minute session to ask me whatever you want about branding, social media, content marketing, technology, trends, etc.
  • Tangible feedback on what I would do if I were in your position.
  • A chance for you to pick my brain on anything else you need support with.

Perfect for:

  • Someone with an existing brand or business but wants feedback with tangible action items to implement in their strategy
  • Someone who already has a good grasp on the digital platform but is looking to be moved to that next level
  • Someone who is new to the entire digital landscape and has a million questions.
  • An opportunity to pick my brain, ask questions, and get real-time feedback on your business plan or anything else!

Is this you?

IN PERSON OR VIRTUAL: 45 MINUTEs month to month service

Creative Conversations includes:

  • Monthly 45 minute chat to develop your digital presence
  • 15 custom made graphics each month (blog posts, social media graphics, templates, etc)
  • Content management + scheduling tips
  • Monthly feedback

Perfect for:

  • Someone who has a lot of content they need help managing, planning, and posting
  • Someone who wants a fresh set of eyes on their brand’s content plan
  • Someone who needs help creating content so you can focus on the important stuff

Is this you?

IN PERSON OR VIRTUAL: 1 hour to 1.5 hour monthly social media management + consulting

Strategy Session includes

  • A full monthly social media management service
  • 30 custom made graphics each month
  • Crafted social media strategy perfect for your niche
  • Monthly feedback on growth

Perfect for:

  • Someone looking to have a full social media glow up
  • Someone interested to learn about the best ways to grow your business or brand on social media
  • Someone who doesn’t have the time to think about their social media strategy but wants to give it to someone who does

Is this you?

Have any questions? I’d be happy to chat!